The state BN chairman bases his prediction on the support people have shown for the coalition on the ground during the campaign process.

KOTA KINABALU: After a gruelling campaign, Sabah Barisan Nasional chairman Musa Aman is upbeat the BN will retain the state.
He said in a statement that during his whirlwind campaign across Sabah he was able to see clearly the wonderful reception given to the BN by the people, adding, “We have been going down to the ground way before, during and after elections. We are not seasonal politicians.”
“With this momentum, the cooperation and solidarity within the BN based on the commitment and pledges inscribed in the BN manifesto that is inclusive and realistic, insha Allah the people will still vote for BN.”

Nevertheless, he urged party members not to be complacent but to continue to reach out to voters more intensively, noting that today was the last day of campaigning.
“I call upon all citizens who are eligible voters to come out and cast their vote as it is their responsibility to chart the course of our beloved nation as it heads towards greater development and progress.
“I am confident that the people of Sabah are wise and mature in making their choice and will give the mandate to the right party based on facts and its track record, not based on sentiment or emotion.”
Musa said the general election was a democratic process that must be respected by all parties, regardless of the outcome.
He expressed confidence that security arrangements were in place and that the Election Commission had made all the necessary preparations to ensure smooth polling.
He urged all citizens to go out and vote tomorrow.