PITAS: Communal grants given by the Sabah state government to the people cannot be abolished.

Caretaker chief minister Tan Sri Musa Aman said the names stated on the communal grants were those of selected hardcore poor household heads.

“We (state government) gave the communal grants to enable the people to own land which could be handed down to their children and grandchildren..the land can be developed for anything.

“So when the Warisan party president said he would abolish the communal grants, why? Give to other people ? Communal grants have the names of the people on them..the land cannot be sold.

“We are aware as leaders we must help the people. When we have power, we use it for the people. We cannot misuse it,” he said at the handing over of communal grants and senior citizen subsidy aid here today.

Earlier, state Land and Survey Department director Datuk Safar Untong said 19 communal grants were handed to village chiefs representing 1,136 selected household heads from 37 villages.

During the function, Musa presented subsidy aid of RM2,000 each to 10 senior citizens to cover part of the cost for sub-division by a licenced surveyor of their land that would be handed down to their respective families. -Bernama


Source: http://www.theborneopost.com/2018/05/04/sabah-communal-grants-cannot-be-abolished-musa/